As we know, the impact from traditional cigarettes will cause a lot of health problem. Nowadays, there are many tobacco industries are trying to reduce the harm of smoking.

According to the research, each cigarette emits about 400mg smoke and aerosol under normal use, out of which 75.9% is air, 19.6% is aerosol and 4.5% is comprised of particles. Traditional cigarettes can reach a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius or above due to combustion. As a result, thousands of harmful chemicals are emitted in addition to nicotine. Among the 4850 kinds of substances in the smoke, 99.4% of chemical substances are harmless to human body, but 0.6% of them have been proven to be harmful to humans according to various studies. Among the 0.6% of chemicals, 0.2% have the potential of carcinogenesis.

Among the harmful chemicals, tar, nicotine, phenols, alcohol, aldehyde,carbon monoxide, TSNA, benzpyrene, ect. have a great impact on human health.

Top tobacco companies began to reduce the harm of tobacco products decades ago. The Heat Not Burn herbal sticks have been a breakthrough achieved in recent years. Heat not burn devices provide an external heat source inserted into the heat sticks and deliver nicotine from the heat sticks to the air.

According to the definition of WHO (World Health Organization), Heat Not Burn tobacco products usually use a battery-powered heating system to heat herbal sticks to about 350 degrees Celsius. Compared with traditional cigarettes in the burning process, this working temperature produces much less harmful emissions.

The prominent harm reduction tobacco expert and Cardologist, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, did a study on the oxhydryl emission from Heat Not Burn tobacco products and traditional cigarettes. His study showed that oxhydryl chemicals were reduced by 80-90% with heat not burn products compared to traditional cigarettes.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos

Innovations such as heat not burn are proven its effectiveness over time since it was debuted in different markets. Many countries have confirmed the harm reduction of Heat Not Burn products. USA issued official MRTP (Modified Risk Tobacco Product) qualification to Phillip Morris International in 2020, implying a potential reduced tax rate compared to traditional cigarettes as well. UK also issued a memorandum on the novel tobacco cigarettes, confirming the potential harm reduction of these products. China is the largest tobacco market in the world, According to the Chinese government, China’s cigarettes consumers also create a huge potential for the heat not burn products in the long run.

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